21 July 2009

3dpo, um, again

Why can I not count?

Saturday was IUI day, = 0dpo.
Sunday, 1dpo
Monday, 2dpo.
See? I can do it now......I realized this morning with a big ole headslapping Doh!
Wishful hopeful Crazy was trying to rush time.
In my defense, I thought yesterday was Tuesday for much of the day,
but alas, I was wrong.

How embarrassing. I did this last time too-- counted IUI day as day 1.

So today is 3dpo. Really. This time I mean it.

I am ready to feel something even though my little clusters of cells are probably just emerging from their fallopian tube slow motion thrill ride and will spend a few more days checking out the possible neighborhoods before choosing a place to settle in.

Progesterone side effects in full swing, more tired than yesterday, breasts still sore, belly/guts still bizarre (you can probably hear the gurgling madness from where you're sitting, sounds like I am trying to communicate with whales). Same old same old.

hoping hoping hoping and
feeling cynical/skeptical/doubtful/certain it will not work

ahh the sweet multiplicity of IF.


Anonymous said...

It's funny how normally the week can go by in a snap. A weekend can feel like a minute, but when we're going through our waits, each day is so important. To know you're back at 3dpo is so annoying even though one day objectively isn't so long. IF really affects us in so many unusual ways including how we see time :)

Here's hoping the cluster of cells like the neighborhood and get the Uhaul and move in for a long term stay :)

Sprogblogger said...

Tell Crazy I'm with her - the wait sucks and anything to make it seem to go by faster is a good thing.

That said, I'm sorry you have to be at 3dpo for 2 days in a row!

Thinking of you, with crossed fingers and held breath. I'm willing those little guys to find a home and settle in quickly!

Michele said...

I hate losing time like that; it blows. Are you getting your beta next Friday? I would try to plan something on each day leading up to my beta to help the time go by. Do you have anything time consuming that you can do?

Really hopeful!!

Melissa said...

That sucks!! The TWW is bad enough but now you have an extra day added :( Hope it goes by quickly!!

K said...

I agree with Michelle...I found planning something each day was a little distracting and gave me something to look forward to. Of course, it's all just a minor diversion. Gosh, I hope THIS is the one for you.

Nic said...

argh, a even longer 2ww! Cant believe it is only tuesday! Should be friday by now, right?!?
Sorry about your progesterone side effects. I hope it is all worth it in the end!

Jenn said...

Just saying an extra little prayer for you and that special cluster of cells!!

May your 2ww be quick and your cell cluster find a comfy home in Uterus land! (I hear that Uterus land has some PRIMO blood rich property)

HUGS to ya!

Mad Hatter said...

Ideas for diversion:

1) Find some really adventurous and challenging recipes and go shopping for all the ingredients and cook your heart out!
2) Get a season or two of an addictive series on DVD and pop popcorn and let yourself be taken away.
3) Organize stuff: old photos, the closet, the basement, that messy drawer in the kitchen...
4) Go on an "Artist's Date" with yourself to the museum or art gallery.
5) Get a lump of clay or some paints and canvas and play.
6) Plant an herb garden.
7) Book a spa day.

Elizabeth said...

Counting is so overrated. All this ART stuff has way too much math if you ask me. Just one more crappy thing about it. Thinking of you during the 2ww and hoping for busy, productive days that feed your mind and sprirt.

Anonymous said...

Ouch - losing time is horrid. I hope that your fertilized egg(s) are having a great trip and that they find a wonderful place to call home soon!

It is 8:00 - my u/s is at 10 and I am really nervous - I think I will shave my legs to pass the time. Sigh.

Billy said...

and hoping :-)