08 July 2009

CD2, back in the stirrups again

Ok -- first, my apologies for not keeping up with blogs lately. I always attend to my initial posse first when I finally have time-- but there are so many other good blogs too!
But, seriously now, there are some great blogs on my frequent read list that I wish I could visit more often. And I am so sorry when I miss your big news, or an opportunity to show support. I swear, I think about you all more often than you hear from me.

Speaking of my posse, Sprogblogger had a great ultrasound with heartbeat today, miracles, magic, wonder, delight. And Mo! Who'da thunk it? A great ultrasound too-- all as it should be. My heart is bigger for these two and their sweeties.

And me? The light pants worked. Yesterday was quite a definitive CD1 (cycle day 1), my period definitely arrived.
CynicalKate got her comeuppance this morning as I dreaded the ultrasound at the satellite site, where I have had crappy wandmistresses in the past. Today I had a goddess, kind, gentle, informative, interactive... gosh it was nice. Or, um, as nice as it can be, if you know what I'm saying. I had hideous cramps and was bleeding so that part was not so fun.

Results just came in-- 7 follicles on the right, 3 on the left, E2<10,>
Protocol for those of you who are interested:
AM: 150 menopur, 75 follistim (these are the go! go! drugs that hope to stimulate as many of these follicles as possible into growing and producing nice fat ripe eggs all at the same time)
PM: 75 menopur, 150 follistim
(max dose for my clinic)
another scan/E2 in a week up at the mothership
and then ganirelix as needed to suppress (dad, this is the wait, wait drug that keeps me from ovulating all on my own)

Knowing I am starting with 10 follicles makes me feel pretty good. But, with this protocol, I am pretty sure one will get in the lead though, just like last time. But hey, last time I got pregnant, so I'm game.

Oh, and I started the DHEA on Monday-- anyone else have weird gastrointestinal oddness as a result of using this stuff? I am praying it does not catalyze an IBS flare, that would suck. But I see the potential.

So, IUI#5 w/inj, officially underway. IVF is a possibility if things work out, I already asked to make sure the schedule would allow it. And yes, if I have to do IUI instead of IVF I will be disappointed again since there is such a better chance with IVF. This is a 5% vs 15% difference in chances, so I really would like to get an IVF cycle in. But I am trying really hard to keep my mind open to the possibility of either.

I'll write more about what I am feeling in another post-- for now, I feel pragmatic. Let's just do this thing.


Sprogblogger said...

Hurrah for CD2! Sweet Kate, I am hopinghopinghoping that this one is your cycle. 10 follicles is a fantastic starting point, I never had half so many, in any of my cycles.

I think I've mentioned that I never found DHEA the easiest drug to be on. It gave me horrible acne and made my hair fall out, although it did wonders for my moodiness. I was ALWAYS happy on DHEA. Never upset my tummy, but then I have a cast-iron stomach. I hope it gets a little easier on you.

Thinking of you, and my fingers are crossed so hard that they're cramping - and I'm happy to have them so!

Michele said...

Fingers crossed and hopeful that things continue to look as bright as they do today!! I never used DHEA, but I hope you feel better soon!


just me, dawn said...

sounds like a great start to your cycle...fingers crossed for you. I was on follistim, menopur and ganirelix for this successful cycle, hoping hoping that you will be too!!

Melissa said...

woo hoo! sounds like a great start to me too.

K said...

Such great news to read, and 10 follies is just fabu. I had heard DHEA takes about 3-4 months to fully be effective. I took it for 2 months then quit, due to stomach issues that I can't really attribute to the DHEA. I also found I had miserable acne (though no real hair loss) and I was extremely moody, probably more like depressive. I stopped taking it because I just began to have massive abdominal pain and had to have the endoscopy. Again, I don't think these were related to the DHEA. I haven't started taking it again, so who knows. I have IBS also and didn't find it affected it one way or the other. The IBS is severely stress induced (and spinach induced!) Well enough from Dr. K!....I'm excited to see your progress on this new cycle!

Anonymous said...

Yay for being back in the stirrups! I hope that this time bodes lots of time in the stirrups over the next 9 months.

I have never taken DHEA - I considered it but was afraid of the hair loss - I have been losing quite a bit through the IVF/clomid drug side effects. Some is starting to grow in from the IVF cycles and it is making my hair look really frizzy - IF, the gift that keeps on giving.

Mad Hatter said...

Wow! Congrats on all the follicles! I am about to start DHEA, and apparently there are things you can do to off-set the side effects. My naturopath told me to take probiotics for the first month (this might help the gastrointestinal weirdness - you can easily get these at the health food store), and my acupuncturist said if I have any side effects that she can alleviate them with treatment and herbs. All the best to you - looking forward to supporting you!

Grade A said...

Woo Hoo, you follicle making mama, you! Don't know anything about DHEA, but hope you find some relief. Wishing you all the best this cycle.

Anonymous said...

Just a 'go team' cheerleading high kick and pom pom toss here. No advice on the drugs - haven't been on them. But crossing fingers and toes and legs and all. Really hoping hard this is 'THE' cycle.

Kate said...

Hope this is the one! 10 antrals is good. Sounds like a nice aggressive protocol, so I hope you surprise them and grow 8-10 great follicles and need that IVF conversion!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Yay! 10 is my favorite number. That is an excellent starting point. I hope that you have some beautiful and quality eggies working hard in there and that IVF will be an option. Wishing you all the best. I don't take DHEA, so I can't offer any useful suggestions.