15 July 2009

horse in barn

so, um, what to say?
CD10, stim day 8...
Apparently I have not yet ovulated (which is great!) but temp is up more today (which is confusing! I do not have erratic temps generally.)

The ultrasound showed that I have a fine crop-o-follicles, seriously, they are lovely, but
while the left ones are plentiful, they are small (I think I saw 12,11,10,10 and several others under 10)
the right ones are few but much bigger (I think I saw 17,17,15)
bigger enough, in fact, to make it TOO LATE FOR ANTAGON
no chance to recruit the left ones and now we just play this out with the three from the right.

From what the kind nurses said, this means no IVF conversion.
Maybe trigger friday for an IUI this weekend
or natural ovulation before then
But my lining too thin (5.7mm) for anything right now
so here's hoping we'll eke a few more endometrial plumping days out of this.

For those of you asking the REALLY OBVIOUS QUESTION-- why did they wait a whole week to check me? well, last time I was a slow responder on this protocol, and I guess they felt we had time. We didn't. Next time they'll check sooner.

I think it is fair to say I am aggravated (I am not a pissy person otherwise I would probably be ballistic). As my sister said, I do not have time for their learning curve. And it's true. It feels shitty. But it is what it is.

They'll call later with E2 and a plan...I'll post again then.
Cynicalkate says: well, at least it is a relatively short cycle so I can get on to the next cycle sooner. And that thought? That thought makes me sad too.
Ok universe, prove me wrong. I'll be gracious.


Anonymous said...

Argh! Sorry you are left with less than hoped for results, but in the end this could still be THE ONE. So try to let their incompetence go and focus on what you have to do now. I am hoping for you!

just me, dawn said...

it is frustrating when they are "learning"....i remember my first cycle i had to remind them about the ganirelix....and i played it cool, just said i was wondering about the other med....and they were like OH...yeah, and fortunately it wasn't too late. Still that sounds like a nice number of follies and hopefully you won't need to worry about next cycle. big hugs to you!

Sprogblogger said...

Ugh. Bad enough to have options taken away, but to have them taken away because they didn't stay on top of things? Pah.

Having said that, you've had good IUI luck in the past, and that's what I'm going to be hoping for, here. Those follicles sound fantastic, and I say one of those little guys is the one to focus on this month.

Fingers crossed, sweetie, hoping for a nice squishy lining for you this week!

Michele said...

The 3 right follies are good for IUI! Our RE wont ovulate more than 3 and she usually does it when I'm between 18-19. She also says that anything over 6 is a good lining. But if have a few more injections, you should be good on a nice, juicy lining!

So excited for you and crossing my fingers for some baby making!!!

B. said...

Damn! If there is a nect cycle, and I am praying it won't be necessary, I hope they pay very close attention to you. I'm hanging on to hope for this one.

onwardandsideways said...

It only takes one good egg. I hope so much that your golden ticket is on the right, just waiting for a friendly little sperm to call for a date.

Fingers crossed for you, m'dear!

IF Optimist, then... said...

Seriously, I want to bitch-slap your RE office. I mean, WTF? (Being an expert, I have earned a WTF IF Ph.D. so I know about these things) I had to go in every single day on my IVF cycle after about day 5 for blood work. I had ultrasounds almost every other day because things were progressing at a fast rate.

Well at least your sweetie has awesomesperm and IUI has worked in the past. Cheers for your getting knocked up very very soon. Wishing you all the best.