31 July 2009

near midnight babble

Ok, it is late, and I admit, I am kinda afraid of lying down after last night's pain.

noticed a bite missing from my last post. a <> where i said I was not sure that facing the stress and unknown of boston would be something worth doing just for the stated intention of IVF. the drive, the bigger clinic, the whole rigamarole.

I finally got to read up and catch up with my posse, lordy ladies there sure are a lot of great pregnancies happening out there, sometimes with surprise twins. And shit for Mad Hatter's negative today, I was hoping she'd get lucky this cycle.

I spoke with my darlin' tonight for a while on the phone. He really and truly thought I was pregnant and was completely surprised by my negatives today. I know, there is a super remote chance still, but really? I just don't think so. So tomorrow, 14dpo, 14dpIUI, I just want to have a second line, or a dropping temperature so I can get on with the next thing.

Ok, the cat is insisting it is time for bed. I am going to take a preemptive tylenol and try.


Anonymous said...


Hope you got some rest tonight and REALLY hope that the uterine cramps you are experiencing are a little bean unpacking their suitcase and settling in for a nice long stay.

('kate' from two week wait. login wasn't working)

Nic said...

I hoe you managed to get some sleep. Lets hope tha pain is the good kind of cramping. Hurry up 2 lines and show yourself!

Michele said...

hugs, hugs, hugs, and hopes for a BFP! Dont give up, dear one; I know that your dreams will come true. I wish I had a timeline, but I just know they will.

Mo and Will said...

Oh, I am so sorry. I know you must be really disappointed. Still holding out until 14dpo, but God, I wanted you to get a positive by now!!!


Joannah said...

Still hoping for good news soon!

Thanks so very much for your comment last night. I take a lot of comfort and encouragement in your words. Thanks so much for being a loving and caring friend.


Mad Hatter said...

Aw, thanks for your disappointment on my behalf. I really REALLY hope you're still in the running. Fingers, toes and ovaries crossed!!!

Anonymous said...

thinking of you