14 July 2009

partially sunny with a chance of ovulation **updated

So my temperature was up .5 degrees this morning...
EWish cervical mucus yesterday (I was thinking YAY for the stim-stimulated cervical mucus)
now, with this unfortunate temperature rise I am thinking: early ovulation? for the love of all that is holy, WTF?

IUI or
IVF or
maybe neither. Waiting to hear back from my super coordinating nurse, but feeling very skeptical.

I know it, I remember, sometimes I even see it or feel it or taste it
but this really is consuming, this crazy attention to biochemical minutiae. And oh, the powerlessness of it. I am a bystander-- things are just happening. I cannot impact the outcome.

You know how some colleges and universities give credit for life experience? We'd all have honorary WTF IF PhDs.

Update: talked with Sharon, and yes, as she said, the horse may be out of the barn but if so, we'll know tomorrow. And no, you're not crazy it is possible. And if you've ovulated, we will know better what to do next cycle. And she said so sweetly "you are doing everything you possibly can to make this work, kate". Which I think was just about exactly what I needed to hear. So here's to an unexpected night of making the best of it just in case and a god awful early morning tomorrow to get there for the appointment (and shots in a parking lot somewhere).
Maybe I ovulated, maybe I haven't. And I'll let you all know what happens. Wishing for an easy button. But also? Honestly? Vaguely amused. Amused a little for believing for one moment that anything about any of this would go in a textbook way for me...um, maybe or maybe not so much.


B. said...

If it helps at all, I can tell you that my temp was a little jumpy, with a few strange rises, followed by dips, when I was on injectibles. I, too, was worried about early ovulation, especially when ridiculously copious amounts of EWCM made an appearance around CD7. My RE and nurses laughed at my worries (in a fairly supportive, parental way), and I didn't ovulate any earlier than they meant me to. They just kept telling me that one temp does not a trend make.

My fingers and toes are crossed for you. Good luck!

IVF 40+ said...

Good luck with your 'catch up' tonight! I see fireflies in your future!!

Michele said...

Does your RE do any bloodwork to monitor your LH? During cycles, I've had to go up daily or every other day to have bloodwork and ultrasounds. If my LH started to rise (which it only did once without help), things started to change.

I really hope you havent yet and that things continue to go well this cycle.

And you are so right... There is more to life that this although I never have been able to focus on that during a cycle. I'm too wrapped up in it. And, if you find a university that gives a WTF IF PhD, I want one too!!!

Fingers crossed!!!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed for you!

A fellow Kate, WTF IF PhD. :)

onwardandsideways said...

Continuing on the horse theme... if infertility wishes were horses... or something like that... :P

Wherever DID I put that magic wand, damn it!

How I wish I could change things for you and a lot of other people.

Here's hoping there is good news tomorrow and afterwards. And if not... you will survive this. You'll find your way.

Thinking good thoughts for you.

Anonymous said...

Ack. Why - why can't our bodies just cooperate?

If you find the easy button, can I borrow it - I promise I will be quick with it...

Grade A said...

Nothing is easy. We know that. But sometimes the universe just wants to make absolutely SURE we know that. Bugger. At least you are taking appropriate actions tonight-imagine if you had found out after the fact that you had ovulated. You are just not the text book kind of gal. Text books are boring, after all. Wishing you the best.

Maredsous said...

Hoping you all the best. Is your chart as beautiful as the last one? Enjoy the fertile mucus. It does wonders.