20 July 2009


I had forgotten the progesterone gifts of instant fatigue and blueness. I have had sore breasts all this cycle for some reason, so that is not a sign I can count on for anything. Not just sore, but, touch them and die sore.

So, I am watching and waiting for something different, something something, but it is just day 3, and I know I will not know anything for days yet.
I need to be patient. Hold off my wondering until I get closer to the weekend. Take the week off from wondering, have a little holiday, go shopping, have fun.

Um no.

I realize that very little of this is ruled by the rational mind.
Sometimes I wish Rational would rush in, all noble, and kick Crazy's ass. But then, Crazy believes in hope where Rational believes in statistics. With this in mind (or out of my mind) I am hoping like crazy that Crazy will win.


Michele said...

I hope Crazy wins too! Fingers crossed!!!

Sprogblogger said...

Here's to Crazy! (though if she could lose a few battles to Rational, that might be the best thing.)

Seriously, I know how you feel. This whole process is crazy-making - and not in a good way.

I hope you can put it out of your mind for a few days (I know, I know, such a comedienne!) and concentrate on other things, but I know what a forlorn hope that is.

Thinking of you as I contemplate the nausea producing effects of a popsicle or two. Take care, sweetie.

IF Optimist, then... said...

If I had a transporter machine, I'd beam us to a Karaoke bar and belt out Patsy Cline's "Crazy" for you. (I actually get standing ovations for that one, it's one of my karaoke best.)

So here's how to transport a couple of minutes of thinking away from TTC to other fun fantasy stuff:

What country/city should we transport to? What karaoke song would you sing for me?

IVF 40+ said...

Lets scare crazy out of the closet and then we can kick rational's ass.

Demara said...


Eileen said...

I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you!

Nic said...

Crazy is good, I want crazy to win!

Joannah said...

I've been away and I didn't know you were doing this now. I hope and pray you will receive your heart's desire.


Mad Hatter said...

Mmm...yes, shopping is a most excellent distraction. I've been using a little retail therapy here and there and I am a firm believer! Be crazy AND shop - it's a win win!
P.S. Yes, you can post my Haiku - thank you! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Go Crazy!!!! I am so glad I read your post tonight - I am in this hotel bed - I just yakked (yay) and I forgot to put my progesterone in and you reminded me.

I hope you do have some fun. And we need Crazy to win.