02 July 2009


It is raining.

For variety, it rains different kinds of rain. Soft rain. Hard rain. Crazy ass pouring rain. It thunders. It whispers. It falls. It fogs. It hammers down. It is dark right now, nighttime dark. And I am craving light like a junkie.

The new IF Haiku site is fun stuff, come and play. I'd be happy to post stuff anonymously. Be silly. Be serious. It simply does not matter. The first one I wrote I did not realize was naughty until later. Steal the button on the right if you want. I think it is fun to not get all tied up in making this too serious or stressful- and for that few minutes you are counting syllables, you are not watching the clock. And, of course, it is fun (twisted?) to think about combining creativity and pee sticks.
And yeah, pee sticks.

Today is 10dpo.

image courtesy of fertilityfriend


Michele said...

What a beautiful chart you have! Fingers very crossed!!!

Melissa said...

that is some chart!

IVF 40+ said...

um.... chart does look good!

Anonymous said...

I do not know about charts but I hope that is a good one! I will check out that site.

Jenn said...

Oooohhhhh Kate -
What an absolutely glorious looking chart - so pretty!

Crossing everything for you!